Inspiring Community in Football: Herbert's Journey with the FA Leadership Programme



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Herbert is a dedicated L3 Sports student and Sports ambassador at Leyton Sixth Form College who recently embarked on an inspiring journey when he participated in the 4-day residential of the FA Leadership Academy from the 24th - 27th of July at the Mercure Walton Hall in Warwickshire. His passion for football and desire to make a positive impact on his community led him to apply for this prestigious 12-month learning and development program designed for young leaders in football between the ages of 16 and 24. Herbert's journey in the program was marked by personal growth, newfound leadership skills, and a commitment to fostering a supportive footballing community.

The Sports team at the college decided to have a sit down with Herbert and ask him about his experiences on the programme.

Motivation and Aspirations: Herbert's motivation to join the FA Leadership Programme stemmed from a deep desire to inspire fellow young footballers from diverse backgrounds. He aspired to create a more supportive and inclusive footballing community within his local area. His enthusiasm for the program was fuelled by the opportunity it offered to make a tangible difference in his community's football landscape.

Workshops and Personal Development: During the program's four-day residential experience, Herbert engaged in a variety of workshops and activities, including building lasting relationships, self-identity, and being one's best self. According to Herbert, these workshops made him a more interesting and motivated leader. He credits the program with improving his ability to understand different perspectives, communicate effectively with new people, and enhance his overall social skills.

Enhancing Leadership Skills: Herbert emphasized that the FA Leadership Programme enhanced his understanding of leadership within the context of football and sports by giving him the confidence and ability to speak with individuals. He recognized the importance of leadership not only on the field but also in fostering a supportive footballing community.

Memorable Moments and Highlights: Herbert fondly recalls two significant highlights from his time in the program. First, he formed lasting friendships with fellow participants, including one individual named David, whose positive personality and outlook continue to inspire him. Second, the graduation ceremony left a lasting impact as it provided insights into the achievements of previous program participants in their respective communities.

Focus on Leadership Skills: During the program, Herbert concentrated on developing essential leadership skills, including the ability to motivate others toward success and gaining knowledge about game plans, tactics, and critical moments in football matches. These skills have not only benefited his personal growth but also contributed to his role as a football leader.

Challenges and Growth: Herbert encountered some challenges during the program, particularly in the early stages when meeting new people felt both exciting and awkward. Through the building relationships workshop, he recognized the importance of building trust, a skill he continues to work on.

Application of Skills: Since completing the FA Leadership Programme, Herbert has successfully applied the knowledge and skills gained to his academic, extracurricular, and personal life. These skills have made him more aware of his environment and have instilled a sense of discipline.

Encouragement to Others: Herbert enthusiastically encourages anyone considering participating in a similar program to seize the opportunity. He highlights the chance to learn from a diverse group of people from across the country, sharing their experiences and working together as a team to achieve common goals. He also emphasizes the importance of understanding one's motivations for participating and is ready to support and guide potential applicants through the application process.

Herbert's journey in the FA Leadership Programme serves as a remarkable example of how young individuals with a passion for sports and community can enhance their leadership skills and make a meaningful impact on their local communities. His dedication and commitment to fostering inclusivity and support within football are inspiring and reflect the positive outcomes that can arise from such programs.