Getting ready to study at Leyton

To help prepare you for your studies at Leyton we have put together some websites, articles, books and activities that will help ensure you are ready to make a success of your time with us. Please click on the subject areas in the column and give yourself a head start for the new term.

Please use the guide below to see which department your chosen subject comes under.

Art and Design:

  • A Level 3D Design
  • A Level Fine art
  • A Level Film studies
  • A Level Graphics
  • A Level Media
  • A Level Photography
  • A Level Textiles
  • Photography (Cert)
  • BTEC Media (level 2&3)
  • UAL Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
  • UAL Art and Design (level 2&3)


  • A Level Business
  • BTEC Business (level 2&3)
  • Business (Cert)
  • A Level Economics
  • Financial Studies 

Education, Leisure and Wellbeing (ELW)

  • CACHE Child Care/Early Years
  • BTEC Health and Social Care (level 2&3)
  • BTEC Travel and Tourism (level 2&3)
  • BTEC Sports (level 2&3)
  • Sports (Cert)

English/Modern Foreign Languages

  • A Level English Language
  • A Level English Literature
  • A Level English Language & Literature
  • A Level French
  • A Level Italian
  • A Level Spanish
  • A Level Turkish
  • A Level Urdu


  • BTEC Business with ESOL
  • BTEC Health and SOcial Care with ESOL
  • Trinity Awards and Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life (with Numeracy and IT)


  • A Level Geography
  • A Level History
  • A Level Law
  • A Level Politics
  • A Level Psychology
  • A Level Religious studies
  • A Level Sociology
  • Criminology
  • EPQ
  • Environmental Sustainability


  • BTEC Engineering (level 3)
  • BTEC IT (level 3)
  • A Level Computer Science

Performing Arts

  • BTEC Acting
  • BTEC Dance
  • Music (BTEC & Cert)
  • UAL Music
  • UAL Performing Arts (level 2&3)


  • A Level Maths
  • A Level Further Maths
  • Core Maths


  • A Level Biology
  • A Level Chemistry
  • A Level Physics
  • BTEC Applied Science (level 3)
  • Cambridge Technical Science (level 2)