Staff Testimonials



I have been at LSC for over 12 years and immensely enjoy my job. I started as a Teacher of Health and Social Care, progressed to becoming the Assistant Programme Manager and I am now the Vocational Curriculum Manager. I have never worked in a more supportive environment; I love seeing students progress and being a part of their learning journey. At LSC, there is a strong emphasis on staff personal development. I was encouraged to complete my MSc in Teaching and Learning as well as a Level 3 Assessors Course. I would highly recommend working here.


Christian 2Christian

My time and experience at LSC have genuinely been life changing and career defining. The environment being of an enriching, patient and welcoming nature, both student and staff facing, has encouraged me to continue to work at LSC. No day is the same as the previous. I am supported cross-college by a host of teachers, managers and mentors to develop my skillset. With this, I have been able to finish my teacher training, gain my QTS as well as continue with my post qualification training (ECT). Additionally, having the trust and autonomy to test new programmes, pathways and mentoring schemes of work has been amazing for my personal development and I enjoy seeing students flourish and develop into young adults as they start to really get a grasp on their potential and showcase excellence.

Mickella 2Mickella

I joined LSC in August 2023 and I regularly have to remind myself how recent that was. The community and culture are so welcoming that it feels as if I have been part of the fold for much longer. In my short time here, I have already participated in a number of training opportunities, and it was immediately evident that continuous professional development is a high priority for all. One of the things that struck me when I first started was how many long-standing members of staff there were, but having worked here for 6 months, I can now say that I hope to be one of them!


Sean 2Sean

LSC has been a warm and welcoming environment in which I have been able to thrive and progress. I started as an apprentice back in November 2014 and have progressed to Sustainability Lead within the Estates Team. I have always enjoyed challenging myself, and thanks to the support of my manager, I was given opportunities to take on projects as well as study for my NEBOSH qualification – both have furthered my skills set which has contributed towards my career development, with the latter being my biggest achievement to date! Alongside my role, I have been able to take an additional role of DofE leader which has been extremely rewarding. What I love most about working at LSC is the sense of community and care which nurtures staff and students alike and allows for the feeling of being satisfied and accomplishment.