Economics A Level


Exam board: Edexcel.


What is the course about?

Economics is about understanding how the world around us works. You would be ideally be very interested in reading or watching the news and be questioning why things are the way they are. If you feel the that the government is too preoccupied with growth and doesn’t care enough about people’s wellbeing then this would be the ideal course for you to explore these thoughts. We also would be looking at whether Britain was right or wrong to leave the EU. You might also have debates in class about the possibility of banning cigarettes or the success of the sugar tax. You may discuss the future of tuition fees and what the logic is for it. Economists answer the questions above by developing and applying economic principles to these issues. By developing these models and applying them you will them to gain an understanding of the issues above and many other real world problems.


Duration of course:

2 years.


What units/topics will be studied?

In the first year we look at markets – how they work and why they sometimes fail. We also study the UK economy in detail looking at the causes of unemployment, inflation and the deficit and examine the effectiveness of government policies to tackle these issues. In year 2 we study the rise of globalisation and the causes and effects of poverty in both developed and developing countries. We look at the UK's relationship with Europe and our major trading parties and also look in greater detail at market structures and government regulation policies.


What do I need to study this subject?

A ‘G’ Score of 34.


What can I do to prepare myself to study this subject?

Read a quality newspaper and watch news programmes to keep yourself informed about current economic issues. Books like ‘Freakanomics’ and ‘The Undercover Economist’ are a good introduction to the subject.


Where can this lead me?

Economics develops your ability to think about and analyse issues in a logical and impartial manner and provides a good insight into how to make decisions. These abilities are highly valued by employers, and provide a good springboard for further study on almost any degree programme.


What are the enrichment opportunities as part of this subject?

We organise visits and student conferences at which you can gain insights into economic policy making, and useful tips from examiners into how to get top grades in exams plus we have links with top universities – in the last 3 years 4 of our students have gone on the study at the prestigious London School of Economics. We organise other trips-in recent years, economics students have attended a 4 day conference in Paris, visited the Bank of England and been on trips to New York and China.