Sport and Physical Activity at LSC

Students at LSC benefit from access to extensive sporting facilities and there is a long established tradition of sports participation and competition at the college. We aim to make a positive contribution to student’s health and wellbeing and support their personal and skills development by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of sport and physical activity sessions
  • Providing opportunities for students to learn from specialist coaches and experience competitive sport at an appropriate but challenging level
  • Supporting students to access sports leadership and volunteering qualifications and experiences
  • Supporting students to develop their sport and physical activity habits so that their participation extends beyond their time in college


    What does this mean for students?


    Through the diverse range of activities that we offer we encourage and expect you to get involved in our sport and physical activity programme. Our weekly timetable of activities combines more traditional sports such as football, basketball and badminton with new and exciting initiatives such as virtual sports sessions, as well as an online fitness programme. You have the opportunity to participate at a level suited to your own abilities in recreational, developmental and elite coaching contexts, as well as participate in sport remotely, where possible. You also benefit from free access to our onsite fitness centre.



    A range of competitive opportunities are provided for you in a variety of sports; from participating just for fun, to competing in regional leagues and national tournaments, as well as everything in between.


    Leadership and Volunteering

    You will be provided with a range of opportunities to support your personal and skills development. Primarily, these opportunities are provided via our Sports Ambassador and Sports Leadership programmes, where you can benefit from training and qualifications and access to extensive and varied volunteering opportunities.


    A Sporting Habit Beyond College

    We want to make sure your experiences of sport and physical activity in college are as positive as possible so that you will be motivated to continue to play sport and remain physically active long after you have left us. We create structured pathways for you to engage within sports clubs and settings within our local community as a participant, team player, leader and/or volunteer.

    To find out more about sport at LSC, visit our dedicated webpage: