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Global Classical Civilisations


In this course, you will explore mythology in ancient civilisations, cultural transmission, narrative theory, kleos, creation theories, Hesiod's Theogony, relationships between primordial elements, gods, titans,  Olympians and man, as well as the heroic exploits of Hercules, Perseus and Achilles, and a comparison to other heroes in mythology from Gilgamesh to Beowulf. You will also study the legacy of the classical period on the arts, culture, science, sport, humanities and social sciences. In addition, you will visit the British Museum for an artefacts treasure hunt and attend tailored lectures on Global Classical Civilisations beyond Greco-Roman, from China to Persia to Benin delivered by academics from the University of Westminster.


Year 1 Assessment:

  • Submission of portfolio

Qualification: Certification from the University of Westminster

Duration: 1 Year

Commitment: 1 hour 20 minute lesson 

Eligibility: L3 Students

Students who wish to continue this into Year 2, will complete an EPQ in an area relating to Global Classical Civilisations of your choosing. You will be assigned a supervisor for 1:1 support, guiding you through the course, and teaching you study skills to support you in your journey. 

Year 2 Assessment:

  • The Logbook
  • Product: Essay or Artefact + Research Report
  • Presentation

The logbook is where you keep your reflective notes of the process you go through. The product will be either a 5,000 word essay or an artefact (art work, film, animation, website, performance, exhibition etc plus a 2,000 word report.) You will also present your findings to your supervisor.

Qualification: A Level 

Exam Board: AQA

Duration:  1 Year      

Commitment: 1 hour 20 minute lesson p/w 90 hours independent study

Eligibility: Completion of Year 1