Sociology: A Level


Exam board: OCR

What is the course about?

Sociology is the study of how society is organised and how we experience life. Sociologists try to understand human behaviour, and to do this, they also try to understand how other people affect us. Sociologists ask questions about society and attempt to find answers to those questions. For example, why do some children do better in school than others? Are single parents a problem for society? Why are women more religious than men? Does class still exist? These are vital questions. If you become a sociology student you will not be provided with quick answers. What you will discover is how to think about these issues for yourself: what are the questions behind the questions? Generations of students have found that sociology makes them look at the world in new ways and this is why so many students quickly become passionate about the subject – and why it is still pioneering after more than a hundred years. Sociology is a fascinating subject for people with questioning minds. Sociologists look beyond what we consider to be normal and unravel issues which affect our everyday lives.


Duration of course:

Two years.


What units/topics will be studied?

Component 1: Socialisation, culture and identity
Component 2: Researching and understanding social inequalities
Component 3: Debates in contemporary society: Globalization & the Digital World and Religion, belief and faith


What do i need to study this subject?

GCSE Point score of 34, which must include a grade 5 in English Language.


What can i do to prepare myself to study this subject?

A willingness to keep up-to-date with current affairs is essential. You will also benefit by using a news app on your phone, reading quality newspapers and literature based around culture and society.


Where can this lead me?

A level Sociology is recognised by top universities and employers, with value on the skills and personal attributes sociology develops within the student. You will learn to think critically, develop your essay writing and research skills as well as learn how to work independently. Having A level Sociology can lead you to university degree courses in sociology, law, politics, philosophy and many more. Sociology can also prepare you for careers in business management, advertising, journalism, politics, law, teaching and social work.


What are the enrichment opportunities as part of this subject?

Trips have included visits to museums, film screenings, university conferences and a tour of the historical highlights of the East End of London. We also organise conferences which feature high-profile sociologists.