English Language and Literature A Level


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What is the course about?

Whilst studying the subject, students are able to explore a range of literary and non-literary texts. These include an Anthology of well-known pre-1914 poetry which encapsulates the rich poetic tradition in the English language, Tennessee Williams’ deeply affecting human drama Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Alice Walker’s The Color Purple. They will also create a coursework portfolio in which they analyse two dystopic novels, such as Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and George Orwell’s 1984 and write their own texts modelled on the genre.

Furthermore, students will explore William Shakespeare’s King Lear, Truman Capote’s ground-breaking ‘non-fiction novel’, In Cold Blood, as well as a range of thematically linked spoken language texts. Through their reading, students will be able to develop the skills required to assess the relative merits of texts, be analytical, consider other viewpoints, and make connections across a range of texts and to understand and evaluate the effects of a variety of contexts.

Duration of course:

2 Years

What units/topics will be studied?

• 3 summer examinations at the end of your second year. 80% of the A Level

1. Poetry and Prose – Anthology of pre-1914 & The Color Purple

2. Drama – King Lear & Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

3. Non-Literary Texts – Unseen Spoken Language Texts & In Cold Blood

• Non Examined Assessment (Coursework)  20% of the A level

1. A comparative essay on The Handmaid’s Tale & 1984

2. Dystopia – literary and non-literary creative writing


What do I need to study this subject?

Students studying this subject will be required to have achieved a minimum of a grade 5 in their GCSE English Language and a minimum of 34 GCSE points.


What can I do to prepare myself to study this subject?

Read any of the set texts outlined above before watching film versions.