Leyton Sixth Form embraces and actively promotes British Values;


Rule of law

Individual liberty

Freedom of speech

The celebration of diversity


At LSC these values are firmly embedded in our Mission Statement;

“Working within a safe, welcoming and stimulating environment, which embraces diversity and promotes respect, we help students fulfil their academic potential and become thinking, questioning and caring members of society.”

As an educational establishment LSC seeks to involve students and staff in all aspects of the decision making process. It provides many forums for the expression of individual opinion within a culture which tolerates difference and encourages debate but which seeks to challenge prejudice and bigotry. The college thereby attempts to run itself within a framework shaped very much by traditional British values and to practise the principles it champions.

For students this means all will have the opportunity to:

  • Actively discuss British Values and our own translation of those into our own college values that guide behaviours and expectations.
  • Undertake a research activity ‘Identity, belonging and values.’ A key aim of this activity is to explore how family roots, friendship groups, social media, personal ambitions and beliefs help shape an individual world view.
  • Create a video entitled ‘Share My World’ where students promote their own vision of British values.

The link below is an introduction to British values as seen through the eyes of Leyton Sixth Form  students.


British Values.docx


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