What happens at enrolment?
You present your invitation letter to our security who will direct you to our main building (where you came for your interview).

You are greeted by another set of staff who will make sure you have attended on the correct day, then will then direct you to the next step.

Your qualifications are then checked and copied; you collect your application form and head to our Sports Hall for confirmation of your course, your photo ID, reprographics fee payment and Bursary and Enrichment information.

Will I still have a place if I don’t achieve the grades I was predicted
You should still attend as per the instructions in your enrolment invitation letter. However, you may be instructed to return and/or advised to consider a different study programme if places are still available on specific courses. Don’t worry, we will do our best to accommodate you.

How long will it take to enrol?
As you can imagine, we see more than a thousand applicants during this process and spend time with each of you to ensure you are making the best study programme choices here.

We endeavour to enrol you as quickly as possible, with the entire process usually taking about one to two hours, depending on your arrival time.

What do I need to bring with me?
Your invitation letter, GCSE grades and resources fee of £50. 

Can I pay my resources fee by card?
Yes, we accept cash and card payments

Is the resources fee refundable?
The resources fee is non refundable.

What do I do if I can’t come to enrolment?
We urge you to attend, but if your absence is completely unavoidable, contact our Admissions & Advice department in advance, and we will enrol on your behalf if your school faxes or emails your grades to us on GCSE results/ your enrolment  day.

Can someone else enrol for me?
Yes, but make sure it is someone who is very clear about what you would like to study. Speak to them about second and even third choices to avoid having to change course again.

The person enrolling on your behalf will need to bring your results with them but as your ID picture is taken on the same day, you will need to do this on your first day back at college.

How long do I have before I start classes?
Lessons begin for new Level 3 students at the beginning of September and other levels on the days following. You will receive specific information about when you start, after enrolment, by post.

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