What is the course about?
This is an art and design-based A level that specialises in a range of lens-based media including: printing and processing, black and white, Photoshop, and digital media, film, location work, studio work and creative experimental work.

Exam board: OCR

Duration of course: This is a two year linear A level, but students will be entered for the AS qualification as well in the first year.

What units/topics will be studied?
This course is practical and the first year involves the production of two units including a range of workshops exploring key genres in photography including projects exploring portraiture, landscapes and street. There is a timed, controlled practical examination, where you will choose from a range of themes. In the second year, you will specialise in your chosen area of photography and write a supporting essay, as well as a practical examination.

What do I need to study this subject?
G Score : 34
GCSE English : C (preferred)
GCSE Art : A* - C or a portfolio of photographs

What can I do to prepare myself to study this subject?
Look at a variety of work by famous photographers and find out what you like. 50 Photographers You Should Know by Peter Stepan (ISBN: 9783791340180)
Study composition and practice taking photos.
Read about the history of photography.

Where can this lead me?
You can progress onto a Foundation Diploma course or a degree in a range of art-based subjects, and careers in photography, including photojournalism, studio photography and advertising photography.

What are the enrichment opportunities as part of this subject?
There are visits to galleries, museums, degree shows, workshops, location work in Central London and a beach location, opportunities to meet and work with professional photographers. There is also a field trip abroad – previously Venice, Barcelona and Paris.


Entry Requirements

G Score : 34

C/5 - English Language & Photography portfolio

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