What is the course about?
The Level 2 Diploma in Performing Arts and Music has been designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary, to progress to further study and training in a range of performing arts and music areas including acting, singing, or being a musician.

The course is designed for students who have an enthusiasm for performing arts or music and are interested in exploring a range of new skills across the different areas of performing arts and music.  

Exam board: UAL

Duration of course: 1 year

What units/topics will be studied?
The units focus on the skills, knowledge and understanding that support all performing and production arts activity. The units have been designed to allow us to deliver them in a way that meets the specific needs of our students, taking into account their aspirations, whether that’s being an actor, singer or musician.

What do I need to study this subject?
Students need to have an enthusiasm for performing arts or music and attend an audition.

What can I do to prepare myself to study this subject? 
Interested applicants should work on developing their interest in areas of performing arts or music. This could mean taking part and watching performances, and watching plays or listening to music.  


Where can this lead me?
The course leads on naturally to Level 3 programmes at the College such as Performing Arts (BTEC Level 3) and Music Performance, Production and Business (BTEC Level 3).

What are the enrichment opportunities as part of this subject?
All of our students regularly perform in professional events open to the public and are given the opportunity to attend classes and seminars given by industry professionals as well as attend performances.