At Leyton Sixth Form College, we aim to provide you with a broad and varied programme of study which extends and broadens your intellectual horizons, develops your skills and awareness, builds your confidence as a person and provides you with specialist knowledge to help you to access university, further study, training or the world of work.

As part of your study programme you will have the opportunity to take an ‘extension pathway’. This can take the form of a taught course leading to a formal qualification or a regular enrichment activity or something that is more project based.

Below is a list of the extension pathways that we currently offer with some further information about what they entail. You will have an opportunity to discuss these during your enrolment interview to make sure that you choose the option most suited to your interests and future aspirations.

Leyton Extension Pathway

What is it?

Why should I do it?

Who should do it?

Duke of Edinburgh

A programme of challenges in the following areas: volunteering, physical, skills and expedition.

To develop your personal and leadership skills.

If, going beyond the classroom to help others and being outdoors excites you.

Students doing any subjects


Creating your own business

To develop your planning, marketing and communication skills. The opportunity to start your own business.

Students doing any subjects with an interest in business.

Arts Award: Art or Photography

An arts challenge where you can develop or learn a skill in photography or another art discipline.

To become more cultured and gain opportunities in the arts. To spend some time either nurturing an arts skill or learning a new one.

Students doing any subjects with an interest in the arts.

Cultural and Creative

A course to explore the development of the Arts and thought. It will culminate in an Arts Festival.

To understand how the arts, science and philosophy have influenced each other over time. To produce a creative response.

Students doing any subjects, who have an interest in creativity.

Extended Project Qualification

A research project of the student’s own choosing which can be adapted to any topic.

To learn the academic research, reading and writing skills needed for university.

If investigating one subject in depth and producing extended writing excites you.

Students doing any subjects. Students wanting to pursue a subject not on the curriculum.

Global Perspectives

A critical thinking course where students can investigate any topic from a global perspective

To learn the academic critical thinking skills to be a successful A Level student and Undergraduate.

If exploring a range of global issues and debating viewpoints excites you.

Students with high G scores from any subject.


A dance workshop

To learn the fundamentals of dance

Students interested in dance.

Sports Leadership

L3 Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification. 

To learn how to lead purposeful and enjoyable sport and physical activity sessions. To access opportunities to volunteer in the local community.

Students doing any subjects, with an interest in sports leadership, coaching or teaching.

Fashion: Pattern Cutting

A taught course in garment construction.   

If you are interested in fashion, sewing, garment construction and want to be able to make clothes

Students doing any subjects, who are interested in fashion and sewing.


A Levels in Urdu, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian

Beginners languages in Spanish, German, French, Italian, BSL.

To study your own language in an academic way (A Levels); or to learn a new language (Beginners). Languages can be an important advantage in a range of future careers.

A Levels – native speakers

Beginners – any students

Core Maths

A two year Level 3 Maths course where the math is applied to the real world.

To improve your mathematics skills beyond GCSE, so that you can use them to support your main courses, in workplace and university courses. 

Students studying any subjects, particularly where Maths is needed for university. Must have at least grade 5 at GCSE.

AS Level Maths

An AS Level in Mathematics, taught over one year.

To advance your pure maths, statistics and mechanics skills. 

Students can use it to support subjects like Physics, Biology etc. with at least grade 7 in GCSE

AS Level Further Maths

An extra AS Level in Mathematics taught over one year.

To increase your knowledge of mathematics beyond that taught in the main A Level Maths course. You must enjoy maths.

Must be doing A Level Maths and have at least grade 7 in GCSE.


Specialist Extension Pathways

The following pathways are by application only. You will find out about the process and how to apply for them in your tutorial. You can do them as well as another pathway or instead of another pathway. Attendance at pathways is compulsory.

Leyton Extension Pathway

What is it?

Why should I do it?

Who should do it?

Citizens UK

Citizens UK organises communities to act together for power and social justice.

To gain a real insight into local politics. You will learn public speaking, chairing and invaluable communication skills.

Students looking to make a difference in their local community.

Student Ambassadors: college; library; admissions; sports; mentors

Volunteering around college, being active leaders in the institution.

To gain valuable experience in customer service, public speaking, team work and leadership skills.

Students doing any subjects.

The Season Ambassadors  (Arts Award)

Season ambassadors get to perform front of house and backstage roles on a wide variety of different shows and events.

You will gain leadership skills, and customer facing skills. In addition you might learn a creative skill required to support events such as filming events, doing publicity and promotion, or theatre production skills.

Anyone interested in the arts, or event management.

Good Jobs – Pathways to Engineering

Engineering work experience, training and support with the opportunity of an apprenticeship with Atkins on successfully completing the programme.

To complete complex projects as a team, in a Dragon’s Den style session. To develop teamwork, communication, presentation, computational, problem solving and research skills. 

Students doing STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Design and Maths

Sports Team:

Various sports available

Weekly sports training sessions and opportunities to represent a college team.

To meet new people from across college, to develop team work, communication and leadership skills.

Students doing any subjects, who want to develop their sporting performance. 

Care Academy

This is a unique opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experiences to become a nurse.

You will have exposure to professionals, placement and university preparation. This is a mixture of placement and lesson based sessions.

Students who want to go into nursing or a career in Health (not medicine). You must have passed GCSE English and Maths.