What is the course about?
This course is both practical and academic and is suitable for anyone who wishes to develop their skills in performing, composing
and appraising music. It is suitable for all students interested in music, regardless of what styles of music they enjoy playing or
listening to. 

Duration: 2 years

Exam Board: Edexcel

What units/topics will be studied?
The course enables students to develop skills in solo performance and encourages students to develop their technique on their main instrument or in singing. It also helps students to develop an understanding about composing and ways in which pieces of music are created and performed. Students also study selected pieces of music from an anthology in preparation for a written exam,
and these come from a range of styles. 

What do I need to study this subject?
Applicants should achieve a grade B or above in GCSE Music. We also welcome applications from students who are not taking
GCSE Music who will be invited to an informal audition. All students will also have to pass an initial assessment which includes a short music theory test.

What can I do to prepare myself to study this subject?
Interested applicants should first and foremost work on developing their technique as instrumentalists and vocalists. Applicants 
should also listen to a broad range of music. 

Where can this lead me?
Students find that these courses expand and consolidate their musical experience, either for personal development or as a preparation
for higher education. It is an excellent course for students who wish to study music at university.

Entry Requirements


C/5 - English

B - Music (or a successful audition for applicants without GCSE Music)

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