What is the subject about?
We need maths when we go shopping, check our bills, manage household finances, insure cars or travel around the world. Maths is essential to the world we live in. GCSE (9-1) puts a new emphasis on mathematical problem solving, reasoning and communication. 

What will i be doing?
The topics covered are:
• Number
• Algebra
• Ratio, proportion and rates of change
• Geometry and measure
• Statistics

is it exam or coursework?
Assessment is by three written examinations. The total exam time is 4.5 hours.
There is no coursework.

Will i be successful?
Yes! You must be committed, work hard and complete all the homework on time. If you make the effort then we will give you the support to ensure your success.

Where do i go from here?
GCSE Maths grade 4/5 or higher is an entry requirement for many jobs and higher level courses at College and University.

Do i have to retake Gcse Maths?
Yes. If you do not have GCSE grade 4 or better then GCSE Maths will be a compulsory part of your study program.


Entry Requirements Students who have a grade D will take Edexcel GCSE Maths Higher tier. Those students who have grades E-G will take the Foundation tier.

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