First Year A Level Students

The examination results of first year students on a two year A level programme will be available on MOODLE ILP (Student Profile within Grade Predictions and Actions, End of year assessment grade) from 3pm onwards on Thursday 16th August. Please note students do not have to attend college on that day.


Students wishing to discuss any concerns about their results will be able to do so with a Programme manager or member of SLT on Friday 17th August or Monday 20th August.


Second Year A Level Students

The examination results for second year A level students will be available at college from 10am on Thursday 16th August (results will also be on MOODLE from 3pm the same day). Staff will be available to offer advice and guidance for University and Clearing. Important, all students need to reset their MOODLE password before logging on.


Students collecting results at the college will be required to produce their ID. Results collected by a friend/relative will need a letter of permission signed by the student and proof of the persons own ID.