Leyton’s Computing and ICT students visited Bletchley Park, home of the wartime codebreakers and computing pioneer Alan Turing. The students visited the exhibitions about the Second World War and learnt about how code breaking took place and how important it was in winning the war.  There were also displays of the Bombe machine used in codebreaking and developed by Turing laying the foundations for modern programmable computers.

Students attended a tour of the site including the huts where the code breakers worked. The tour guide complimented the students for the interest they showed and the insightful questions they asked. Later the group took part in a workshop on code breaking and, again, were complimented for the knowledge they had, being able to identify phishing scams and other online dangers. During the workshop students also had an opportunity of using an original Enigma machine as used by the code breakers.


23 August 2017

Gill Burbridge New Principal of Leyton Sixth Form College

LSC is delighted to announce the appointment of new principal Gill Burbridge, formerly the Deputy Principal at the College.

17 August 2017

Another Year of Strong A Level Results for Leyton Sixth Form College

Leyton Sixth Form College is celebrating an excellent set of examination results once again this year with an outstanding A Level pass rate of 99%.

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