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A Levels, Vocational, Certificates

If you are applying from a school or college, give your completed application form to the person responsible there (usually a Head of Year or Careers staff). They will then complete your reference and send the form to us.

Restarting/Continuing with studies

If you are applying to restart or continue your studies with us, you will need to enclose a letter with your application form, explaining why you would like to do so. Your application must include an up to date reference from your last school or college.

You can access the application form here and guidance to help complete your form here.


Applicants to this course need to have a level 3 Art & Design qualification. You will need a portfolio of Art and Design work for interview. You will be contacted via email, giving you a date for interview within 3 weeks of your application. Please contact if this doesn't happen. Please click here for more information on this course.

You can access the UAL Art & Design Foundation form:

If posting an application form to us, the address is:

Admissions & Advice
Leyton Sixth Form College
Essex Road
E10 6EQ


There are no course fees if you are under 19 on August 31st prior to the start of your course and you are a ‘home student’ (that is, you have been resident in Britain or the EU for three years before your course begins). If you are an overseas student, fees are payable.

Books and materials

Basic textbooks are provided free. Students may buy any extra textbooks and materials if they wish.


At the interview, we will make you a provisional offer of a college place, if we can, and usually attach conditions (such as five grade A* - C GCSE passes)

Please ensure you:

Bring your invitation letter with you
Plan enough time for your journey (see below for the college map). You don’t need to phone us if you are going to be slightly delayed, but we are likely to have to rearrange your interview if the time extends to an hour or more.
Phone or email to inform us as soon as possible, if you are unable to attend your interview – contact details will be provided in your invitation letter (and are the same as those at the bottom of this page).
Bring any items with you that are requested in your invitation letter.


In July, we will write to you with a date and time for enrolment. You will need to bring your exam results slips.

Enrolment starts in August.

You might have some questions so please see our FAQ links below. If you still can’t find an answer, feel free to contact our Admissions & Advice Department on 020 8928 9000 or

When is Enrolment?
In late July/early August, we will write to you with the date, time and enrolment procedure.

Can I apply for any course?
Yes, provided you meet the entry criteria. For details, please check in the prospectus.

What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind or don't meet the entry requirements don't panic! All students are seen again at enrolment and we will try to negotiate the necessary changes.

Will I incur any costs?
There are no course fees if you are under 19 on August 31st prior to the start of your course, and you are a 'home student' (that is, you have been resident in Britain or the European Union for three years before your course begins). If you are an overseas student (if you don't meet these conditions) we are unable to admit you for courses here for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Will I get any help with my costs?
Following the Government’s decision to discontinue the Education Maintenance Allowance (‘EMA’), the Department for Education announced the creation of fund called the ‘16-19 Bursary’. This fund is designed to help young people facing financial hardship stay in full-time education.

Students have to complete an application form to apply for the Fund at the beginning of the academic year.

For more information see here

What do I do with my application form?
Give your completed application form to the person responsible at your school/college - head of year, careers teacher, etc. Your school or college will send your form to us with the reference.

If you are not in education, send your form directly to us but make sure you send it with the correct postage to ensure that it arrives and do not forget to include an up-to-date reference from your last school or college.

Within five days of receipt, we will send you an acknowledgement. If you do not receive one, please check that your application has been forwarded and, if it has, telephone the College on 020 8928 9000 and ask for Admissions.

We look forward to receiving your application.

What will my interview be like?
Your interview is not an exam or a personality test! We use it to get to know you and help you choose the right course to suit your interest and ability. We will usually phone you with an interview date or write if you cannot be contacted by phone.

Please bring your Record of Achievement/progress file to the interview, even if it's not complete. It is a valuable document and tells us a lot about you.

At the interview we will make you an offer of a place if we can, and usually attach conditions (such as five grade A*-C passes at GCSE). We will confirm your place at enrolment in late August or early September.

For some courses, you might be requested to bring evidence but we will inform you of this.

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