Oxbridge Success at Leyton Sixth Form College


We are delighted that 4 students who participated in our Aim High programme this year have been offered places at Oxford or Cambridge University.

The LSC Aim High Programme is an extra-curricular pathway designed to support the most ambitious students to pursue the most competitive careers, courses and universities. Aim High offers trips, clubs, events and weekly workshops exploring students’ favourite subjects beyond their curriculum. We also publicise and support our students with applications for external summer schools, pathways, masterclasses and competitions.

LSC Aim High offers an Oxbridge support programme where, during a weekly workshop, we prepare students for the challenges of an application to Oxford and Cambridge. These sessions involve preparation for mock interviews, personal statement support, critical thinking, problem solving, exploration of subject enthusiasm and guidance with admissions tests.

Every year the number of LSC students who apply to Oxford and Cambridge increases and previous successful applicants have taken up places to read Maths, Human, Social and Political Sciences and Economics.

This year three students have received offers at the University of Oxford and one student from the University of Cambridge.

Here’s how our Oxbridge students reacted to getting that all important email:


History at Oxford

"I was so excited and proud to get the offer, it's one of those things you never imagine you'll actually achieve and then you do and it's quite surreal.”

“It's been a weird, difficult, year but I can't really over-state how amazing the support I've gotten for this from LSC has been, particularly with the Oxbridge programme, which gave me a lot of confidence for some of the more intimidating parts of the process like the interview.”

“I would say if it's something you want to do and your prepared to put the effort in, the support you get back really makes it possible."


Medicine at Oxford

“The interviews I had at Oxford were incredibly challenging and thought-provoking. Although I enjoyed speaking through my ideas with the professors, it was impossible to gage what they thought of my performance and our discussions. So, when I found out I had received an offer, I was genuinely surprised - even now!”

“I was made aware of the facilities at LSC very early on, so I also became involved in an extra weekly workshop - Aim High for medicine and dentistry applicants. We were set challenging case studies and portfolio tasks which helped me to build a strong standing in NHS topics. My teachers also highlighted opportunities for NHS workshops, work experience and volunteering, which made it much easier to arrange these.”

“As well as this, I attended weekly online Oxbridge sessions, where we were offered specialised help for Oxbridge applicants. These sessions were extremely helpful, and the consistent help, from the beginning of the application process through to the end, genuinely helped so much.”

“We were always given support, through mock interviews and many, many drafts of personal statement feedback! Having the opportunity to answer more ambiguous questions helped me to think critically. The teachers are truly fantastic and spend a large amount of their time to make the best resources available.”


English at Oxford

"When I saw that I had gotten an offer from Oxford, I screamed, checked again and then screamed once more for good measure. It was insane! I was feeling so many emotions, but the two that stuck out the most were relief and gratitude. Without the encouragement of my Tutor here at LSC, I wouldn't have even applied to Oxford. All throughout the application process I had the support I needed not to lose my cool and to get everything done on time. Now I'm putting everything I've got into securing my place, and I'm (im)patiently waiting until results day! No matter what happens though, I'm glad I applied."

You can find out more about our Aim High Programme here: